Electric meter broken - Am I responsible to pay?

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Electric meter broken - Am I responsible to pay?

Сообщение LarryBoyd » 06 авг 2018, 11:12


In our household, my spouse pays the electric bill. I don't know why, after all this time, he hands me the bill and says that we're not paying for the off-peak meter. The main meter is working fine.The off-peak energy usage for over a year is zero (what we have records for). OK, so both of us are at fault since neither one of us noticed that it's been stuck in the On position for as long as we can remember.It's a mechanical wheel General Electric power meter, constant = 13-8/9 revs / KH. (For the electrical crowd, which tells you how to convert the meter reading to Kilowatts. Calculation supplied upon request...)This is 200 Amp service, the off-peak meter is in parallel with the main meter. IOW, there's no connection to the main power meter.I was able to check the configuration as the service panel doesn't have the wire lead seal to keep curious engineers from taking a very careful peak to look inside (if you don't have electrical experience, don't even think of doing this.). Wires are in good condition and have clean connections, the panel was installed in 1993. The meters are sealed, the panel wasn't.The off-peak meter wheel just isn't moving. Period.Do I wait for the power company to find this and send me a bill for off-peak usage? Can they bill me for an average expected usage?

Please help.

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Re: Electric meter broken - Am I responsible to pay?

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