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Lockout tagout for non electrical hazard

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I think I've come up with a way to make the Graceport things work. The basic problem is that you have to be able to verify correct operation of the device before AND after testing. Doing it before is pretty easy. The problem is detecting that the device is still functioning after LOTO. The idea we had is to wire up a 3 or 4 pole push button switch that temporarily connects the device to a separate power source. Thus we can quickly test before and after.There is no standard out there that I've found specifying what is acceptable for voltage testing below 1000 VAC. About the only thing I have found is that "Wiggies" are a recipe for destroying all of your electronics (inductive kick), and that none of the noncontact voltage meters out there are supported by their own manufacturers as acceptable to testing for absence of voltage due to the number of potential false positives and negatives.

Please help.

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Re: Lockout tagout for non electrical hazard

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Так сказать , спасибо