Electric meter question

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Electric meter question

Сообщение LarryBoyd » 06 авг 2018, 11:10


I try to understand why my utility bill is so expensive each month. Granted, I know New York more expensive than most other states, but should a 4000 sq. home using around 1200 kwh a month cost around $500.00 a month? I am only one person, and the lights are off when not used. AC is at 78 - 80. In the winter, the heat is at 68, and the bill rises to 700.00 a month.I called the utility company and asked the last time the meter was tested. They said 2001. I asked if it could be replaced, they said yes, but generally the old ones are better than the new ones.What do you guys think? My father thinks I should keep the old one and not open Pandoras box. But, I just do not understand nor comprehend why my bill on only 1200 kwh is so damn expensive. It should be half I would think.

Please help.

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